Safety Policy

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RQ Living Private Limited is committed to provide civil and marine engineering products and solutions with a program for continual improvement in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management System to ensure the well being of all employees, contractor's/ sub-contractor's, visitors & other interested parties by establishing and communicating this policy within the organization.

Successful implementation of this policy requires the wholeheartedly commitment of everyone in the Company and acceptance by individual employees of their responsibilities to:

  1. Prevent environmental pollution, Injury and ill health, thereby continually improving the overall performance of HSE management system.
  2. Comply all relevant Environmental, Health & safety legislation, regulations and other requirements applicable with all our activities at our site and also meeting the HSE requirements of our Client.
  3. Provide all necessary resources like Personnel, Training, Infrastructure, equipment and financial assistance for the effective implementation of the HSE Management System.
  4. Acquire competent assistance to enable the company to reach its aims for Health and Safety, regardless of the location of its employees.
  5. Maintain safety standards through safety training, encouraging interest and enthusiasm in safety and by developing personal responsibility for safety rests with the Safety Management of the company and the safety matters are held in equal importance to other business objectives.
  6. Ensure that clear communication systems exist for Communicating HSE Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization, available to public & interested parties and communicate all HSE issues through structured meetings, presentations and publication.
  7. Continually assess the HSE Management System by setting and reviewing related HSE objectives and Targets.
  8. Encourage all employees to contribute to the improvement of RQL safety procedures and continually improve the performance of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management system performance.